Terms and Conditions To make pecan pie moonshine How I love pecan pie. For a pretty pie, arrange some of pecan halves on the top of the filling in a decorative pattern before it goes into the oven. Is it as good as other brands? 02. But using both seems silly when carmel shine just melts some squares in, Your email address will not be published. Ingredients. Pecan pie moonshine is a delicious and easy to make moonshine recipe that is perfect for the fall season. Pecan Pie Moonshine is the nomero uno that appears to many people's thought when it arrives to a delightul meal. I emailed Hams Orchard and they stated it was similar and very close to cane syrup. Let simmer for 3 minutes then cool to room temperature. Enter address to see price and availability in your area. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! I hope you will join with me in August when I begin hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays on August 5 at diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com. It has been distilled six times and filtered three times. | Set aside and cool syrup. In a cocktail shaker combine the pecan pie moonshine and vanilla vodka. You lucked out finding that moonshine syrup. Should end up at about 80 proof. Cream (mix) the sugar and butter well in a medium sized mixing bowl. Cranberry Orange Bisconie Costco Recipe: Ready in 45 Minutes. ** Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. How long does Ole Smoky Butter Pecan Whiskey last? Thanks for sharing. Add eggs and mix. Keep in a warm place for about 3 days or until corn has 2 inch sprouts. We have also added some tips on making your drink much better and tastier. The following recipes will show you how to make some of the most delicious drinksconceivable using this Butter Pecan. This moonshines flavor is rich and balanced thanks to caramel, butter, cream, and toasted pecans. A Southern Butter Pecan Moonshine is the best way to describe it: Ice cream without the chocolate. In a food processor, finely grind 1/2 cup pecans with the sugar. Take a peek at my 8 Best Frozen Alcoholic Drinks With Candy Recipes if youre interested. So if you cannot locate moonshine syrup then cane syrup would be a good substitute. For the Apple Pie Moonshine recipe, combine 8 cups of moonshine (120 proof) or vodka (80 proof), 3-4 cups of brown sugar, 10 cinnamon sticks, Apple pie spice, Dried ginger, Vanilla bean, and 1 apple.. They believe in quality, not quantity! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But now I'm about to go in the kitchen and make one with cane syrup as that is what i have today :). Is Ole Smoky Moonshine good? I just know its a jar of sticky sweet goodness. If you don't have access to Everclear you can use vodka! It wont take much time and energy. Obsessed with travel? Phone: +1 504-523-2222. If youre just getting started with moonshine or already a fan, this Ole Smoky Butter Pecan Moonshine is a good choice. US residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. It couldn't be easier to make this homemade pecan pie. Stir in cinnamon apple moonshine and vanilla to combine. I use a combination of Lyle's Golden Syrup and real Vermont or Canadian Maple Syrup (half and half ratio) as corn syrup/cane are difficult to find here in EuropeIt really works and complements the pecans wonderfully! SaltA pinch of salt goes a long way to enhance the other flavors in the filling. This mash is created by combining apple juice or cider rather than actual fruit. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. This does look perfect and who would have known that MOONSHINE was the secret ingredient?! Ole Smoky Distillery, LLC, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA%27s alc./vol is 17.5% alc. Bake on preheated cookie sheet 35 to 45 minutes or until center is set. Corn Liquor is the same as moonshine, but it is significantly weaker. "The only addition I made was a light drizzle of bittersweet chocolate to dress it up after it was finished cooling. In this article, Bourbon O already shares our butter pecan moonshine recipe with all of you. It can be made at home by using freeze distillation, which reduces the potent alcohol taste. Add in brown sugar, and cinnamon. Moonshining for Beginners using our 20 gallon still! This large-batch cocktail can serve 12-14 people, which makes it great for a tailgating party. I know you are a fellow Texan and have posted in the past you have been to Canton. Let simmer for 3 minutes then cool to room temperature. If youre tired of looking for a Butter Pecan Moonshine recipe on the Internet, we have got the answer for you in this post in Bourbon O. Look at all that thick creamy goodness . Made with just three ingredients (apple cider, Everclear and cinnamon) this apple pie moonshine is full of flavor and punch! This kind of alcohol is a great combination of Butter Pecan and Moonshine that no one can even think how great this combination turns out until they try it. We love pecan pie here at our house, but now I am intrigued by this moonshine syrup. I thought that they had to put that kind of stuff on the label! Combine all the ingredients in a high ball glass filled with ice cubes. One of the best distillers we sell is the duel purpose 8 gallon, it can be used for both pot or reflux distilling. ", "So far, this is my favorite pecan pie recipe because it's so delicious and very easy," raves aneonvortex. Getting hands on with this process is a way to experience history first-hand. Location: Inside Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, United States Allow the pot to cool to room temperature after removing it from the heat. I can bake two pies out of one jar of syrup maybe three, but that might be pushing it. So give this ole smoky butter pecan moonshine recipe a try and tell us how you liked it. Then, add the yeast starter into the jar. Thank you! In making Mountain Dew or White Lightning the first step is to convert the starch of the grain into sugar. In fact she is referred to as "The Chef" by most of her close family not only because she attended culinary school and was an actual chef, but also because she has a passion for cooking for friends and family. Peach Cobbler Moonshine Recipe Wide Open Eats Sure, this tastes the most delicious when you can use fresh peaches in August, or you could use frozen peaches instead. Create Account. We hope that you guys will love our recipe. Get beer, wine & liquor delivery from local stores. Pour the salted caramel mixture into a container. This recipe serves two people. ROOT BEER WHISKEY. Peach moonshine recipes that are simple and user friendly. Apple Jack Moonshine is one of the simplest fruit-based moonshines to make. So now the only question we are left with is how to make ole smoky butter pecan moonshine at home? Make sure to store it in mason jars. Learn how to make this recipe and millions more with a free account! In fact, our recipe requires you to do a lot of work and produce your own main ingredients at home. http://www.dessertfortwo.com/2013/06/an-ode-to-moonshine/, Moonshine Smash with Raspberry & Tarragon, http://www.dessertfortwo.com/2013/05/rhubarb-moonshine-smash/. Slowly add 3/4 cup of water into the mixture and stir it to combine. BUTTER PECAN COOKIES Buttery, soft n chewy cookies exploding with toasted pecans and brown sugar flavor. Below youll find some amazing moonshine recipes and moonshine mash recipe guides that weve discovered throughout the distilling community. Whats the good news/bad news about Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine? Pour mixture into your favorite martini glass and enjoy! Coffee creamer ( powdered, regular flavor ), Moonshine neutral spirit or vodka neutral spirit. Dont forget to treat yourself to a jar or two of this tasty Tennessee spirit today. Mix ingredients in shaker with ice. Pour contents into a one quart mason jar and top off with 140 proof moonshine neutral spirit or vodka neutral spirit. In a separate bowl, mix beaten eggs with salt and vanilla. 12. PecansWhat would pecan pie be without pecans? The standard nutrition advice is 2,000 calories per day. Email: [emailprotected] Turn off the heat when the mixture has an amber color. Stir to mix. READ MORE ABOUT US. 1 - 1 1/2 - cups pecans. Generally, homemade syrups have a shelf life of about 8 months from when you prepared them. Use half of the ingredients if you only want one serving. For example, you can use brown sugar instead of the regular one or the regular one instead of the brown one. The result was nothing short of heavenly. You can use leftover fruit from your garden or on your property to make moonshine from fruit mash. From a range of different styles of stills and complete still kits, to supplies and ingredients like distillers yeast and oak barrels, Mile Hi Distilling is your one-stop-shop for anything homemade distilling. That was such a hit that I always substitute about 1/4 or more of the Karo with honey. Fill with the everclear to the brim of the mason jars. Here is a list of whats required: Lets see the preparing time and the recipe? I hope youve thoroughly enjoyed these making suggestions from the recipe guide for Butter Pecan Moonshine. Well make some Southern Butter Pecan Moonshine and, yes, it tastes exactly like Ice cream! Powered by the ESHA Research Database 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, How to Crack and Clean Pecans For Baking. Add yeast into the bowl and stir well to combine. After 4 days, strain out any excess liquid and place it in a fine mesh strainer. Enter your address so we can show pricing and availability in your area. Not sure how far it is from you. Advertisement. Ole Smoky Moonshine is the perfect choice for those looking for something to drink while sitting on the porch with friends. WOW! Whisk butter till its melted, and then add vanilla and pecan. "This was SO delicious," according to Raquel Ross. After two weeks, it should have a smell like vinegar. Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a type of whiskey produced in the state. I cant even find anything online on to what the ingredients are. Make sure to add the fruit of your choice when making moonshine so that the alcohol content does not go down. Ladle moonshine through the funnel into clean mason jars, leaving a 1/2 inch head. Yeast (1/2 pound per 50 gallons of mash) may be added to speed up the fermentation if you have it. Apple Jack Moonshine also eliminates the need to peel and chop bananas in addition to using freeze distillation. 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